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Previous Entry Vacation - Days 5 & 6 Jul. 14th, 2005 @ 11:30 pm Next Entry
I was almost able to update last night, but we got finished with the day's activities really late and had to get up really early today, so I just didn't have the energy. Today will be a double shot!

***Day 5***

We started the day by going out to Balboa Park to check out some museums. First we stopped at a great little cafe with a nice view:

The food was good too:

The we went to the Photography Museum where they had one of my all time favorite photographs on display. Becky told me that she saw a sign that said "no photographs" but I didn't see it, so I took a couple:

We also went to the Museum of Man where there used to be a Panama exhibit, but I guess it was closed due to lack of interest:

There was also this weird room with a sort of web timeline of inventions and creations throughout history. So I took a weird photo to depict it:

After the museums, Becky and Nikki dropped me off at the convention for Preview Night. It was a fun and frantic 3 hours. I saw Stuart Sayger while waiting in line for my press pass. I won't comment any further on this one because only a couple of people reading this would understand or care:

I saw Scott Morse and bought his new Frankenstein book:

I then got a sketch and some autographs from Tony Moore:

I saw a Star Wars booth where you can pose with Stormtroopers as they rough you up:

Becky and Nikki then picked me up and had Matt with them. We immediately went to In N Out Burger for Double Doubles!

We came back to gram's for a late swim and then had to go to bed in order to get up way too early this morning.

***Day 6***

Today was all con all the time. We had to get there early to stand in the longest line known to man in order to get Matt's pass:

Of course, some old dude cut in front of Matt...I thought there might be an incident, but it turned out ok. If you see this guy, kick him in the shins:

Once inside, we saw some very interesting sights. My favorite had to be ElvisTrooper!

He made all the ladies swoon!

Another fanboy favorite was this lovely lady dressed as Slave Girl Leia:

She seemed to be enjoying all of the attention at first, but I could tell she was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with all of the gawking. If you come dressed as a fanboy fantasy, you have to expect that kind of reaction, I guess...

Then Matt pointed out this guy that we think just purchased his first lightsaber. He was so excited he was shaking as he opened the package. His fellow jedi friend didn't help matters as he kept swinging his lightsaber around the whole time:

To end the day right, Matt gives EVIL Stewie a noogie!

That's it for the last two days. Tomorrow...MORE CON! And a Padres' game! Should make for a very fun, very long day.
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That's too damn cool.

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